You need to move a fluid which has a temperature of 60°C and a pressure of 10.57Atm, inlet of valve, and a temperature of 44°C and a pressure of 9.67Atm outlet of valve.

The composition of the feed is:

C1 0.004 mols
C2 2.261 mols
C3 48.91 mols
i-C4 20.220 mols
n-C4 28.36 mols
i-C5 0.027 mols
n-C5 0.008 mols

If it should move 137.89 kmol/hr through of a butterfly valve, calculate CV. The environment temperature is 25°C.

Make click on FILE, on OPEN,and look for V1.da3 file, then OK. check it up all datum are right. Then click in CALCULE

It should not take more 1 second:

The calculated CV will be: 72.79, for a fluid in two phases.