You need to pumped a fluid which has a temperature of -14 °C and a pressure of 24.33Atm, inlet of pump, and a temperature of -33°C and a pressure of 25.33Atm outlet of valve.

The composition of the feed is:

C1 16.74 mols
C2 58.1 mols
C3 10.6 mols
i-C4 0.052 mols
n-C4 0.015 mols
N2 0.101 mols
CO2 14.39 mols

If it should pumped 95.94 kmol/hr by horizontal pump which have one stage @ 3550 RPM, calculate the power. The environment temperature is 25°C.

Make click on FILE, on OPEN,and look for "P1.da3" file, then OK. check it up all datum are right. Then click in CALCULE

It should not take more 1 second:

The power of the pump will be: 745.74watt.